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Titian’s Venus & Adonis: A Curator’s Study Morning at Dulwich Picture Gallery, Saturday 24th November 2012

As part of their ‘Art for Adults’ programme, the Sackler Centre for Arts Education at the Dulwich Picture Gallery is running a ‘Curator’s Study Morning’ examining their newly conserved version of Venus & Adonis. The painting, now thought to have been produced in Titian’s workshop, had languished in storage since the late 19th century but recent restoration and research has helped to uncover its quality. TSR were lucky enough to undertake infrared examination of the Dulwich painting to contextualize the work amongst the many extant versions after Titian’s original. These issues will be discussed by Xavier Bray and Amy Concannon, Chief Curator and Assistant Curator at DPG, and Sophia Plender, the conservator who undertook the remarkable restoration, during the study morning.

If you are interested in attending please contact Lettie Mckie on 020 8299 8732 or l.mckie@dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk